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Rainy Sydney

Sometimes I wonder what the point of anything is. I hope God forgives me for this. It is my middle-aged hormones making everything appear without colour, without purpose. As I sit at the breakfast table, one child emptying the dishwasher, … Continue reading

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Love note to Self

Everyone has a certain turn when they catch sight of themselves in the mirror. They arch an eyebrow, or hold their mouth closed with their cheeks sucked in. I smile. I smile when I am finished dressing up to go … Continue reading

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Far from home

We’re in Sydney. We are meeting some old friends and family who live here. We did the touristy stuff the last time we were here. Two weeks in a city like Sydney means you can look up old friends and … Continue reading

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Gajar ka Halwa – cracked!

Desi halwas were surely meant for the freezing climes of Europe and North America. The nuts, the khoya, the ghee, all come together to produce a dish so unique, it is hard to resist when you begin each winter’s day … Continue reading

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Oh Malala, Malala…

Malala! Boo! And the nation is in an uproar! Sometimes I think Pakistan might implode on itself. We are angry when not acknowledged, angry when acknowledged, angry, angry. Why now though? Since the prize was announced yesterday, October 10, 2014, … Continue reading

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Third Culture Kids

Our recent trip home was the most emotionally draining one so far. Lots of factors combined to make it so: BH is not enjoying his new role in the company anymore. After seventeen years of fidelity to it, he seems … Continue reading

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Cheesecake Virgin No More

I made a cheesecake! A chocolate cheesecake that tasted like it had been bought from an expensive patisserie! I feel bound to share my recipe straight away – it would be a crime not to reveal how easy it actually … Continue reading

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