We went hiking to Zermatt over the four-day break we had this week. Drove a very long way, with three and more kilometre long tunnels running through mountains. The children tried hard to keep up their sacred ‘Back-seat Rituals’, holding their breath at the start of every tunnel until we reached the other end, but the boys realised by the end of the second tunnel that it was a lost cause. Myna continued to the end though, with her brothers trying to prove she was cheating by sticking their hands under her nose to feel her breath.

We drove up to Tasch to park our car since Zermatt is car-free. The drive is beautiful, pristine. On a stretch of road where there were tall, straight, leafy trees, I was reminded of the Von Trapps as they swung in the trees with their father driving past in a car, accompanied by his lady love. The memory set the mood for the rest of the trip because soon after, I found myself singing ‘Do, re, mi…’ unabashedly, with the children rolling their eyes.

We took the train up to Zermatt from Tasch and then a cable car, which was in fact another train travelling laboriously upwards to Gronergrat. Lunched on top of the mountain at a lovely restaurant with a view to Mount Matterhorn which is the iconic mountain you see on each triangular box of Toblerone. 

We decided to hike down the mountain. And as we began our descent, I began coming upon edelweiss 🙂 I began singing of course, trying to bring the depth of Christopher Plummer into my voice. It is such a beautiful song, with such tremulous emotion. Unfortunately I have only been able to find this version of it on YouTube. It does not show the scene from the movie, but this is the scene I kept picturing as I sang on the mountain. The gravity of emotion and inflection is most moving in this version. Enjoy.

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