Last days in Dubai

We had breakfast together at Illy Cafe on the ground floor of our hotel building again after two years and eight months of having first arrived in Dubai. We sat at the table by the window that we used to then, and everything came full circle. I feel very grateful for weekends, those mini-vacations that transform BH into an attentive husband and the children into sprightly little devils. Everyone smiles at each other, even without a reason, relaxes heavily into the day. But then, all too soon, it seems to be over…

Tomorrow is our last day in Dubai. BH has already left. As we drove down the Sheikh Zayed Road on Friday, I looked up at the heart-stoppingly beautiful Burj. BH craned his neck to look up through the windscreen. It glimmered in the twilight, lighting up periodically at the very top with very understated finesse. BH sighed and muttered, ‘I’m going to miss Dubai.’

It’s true. All of us will. Though Mac said if there was one thing he wouldn’t miss about Dubai it is the ‘heeeeat!’ But again as we drove out from JLT today, having finished running a last-minute errand, we emerged onto Sheikh Zayed Road through the exit I have used for two and a half years of living here. It is the exit we used when we went to catch late night movies, just BH and I, and the one we used every morning to drive the kids to school. I felt like bursting into song: ‘And Iiiiiiiii will always love you!‘ Whitney Houston style. The pointy building the children and I used to look out for as a beacon signifying the end of our long drive from school stood straight ahead. How much we begin to love a place for all the little landmarks in it that become ingrained in our lives! I am sure Geneva will present its own little nooks and crannies that will earn our affection over time. But then it will be time to move on again…

We’ve been busy the past three days. The sale of the car and house and the arrangement of various official documents such as power of attorney papers, police certificates, residence visa cancellations etc. kept BH on his toes. I had to accompany him on one such trip. He is truly mad. He has the capacity to go from one government office to the next without a bite of food in his belly, non-stop until he gets what he needs to get done. I, on the other hand, find I can hardly walk straight after the first two hours of being on a wild goose chase. I feel faint, dizzy, hungry, thirsty. But above all else, I feel heroic. In a tragic sort of way. A tragic heroine traipsing this way and that, hardly able to keep her balance as her manic husband drags her around and about….Thankfully though, things did fall into place.

Two days were spent looking for appropriate clothes to take to Geneva and making sure we had rudiments of the children’s school uniforms together. Marks and Spencer thankfully do a general line of grey, white and navy blue clothes from which you can pick out skirts, pinafores and trousers with matching polo shirts, long and short sleeved shirts and socks. Very, very convenient and I feel most grateful. I stocked up on those, having checked what the children were to wear on the school website. I also bought some winter clothes just so we wouldn’t have to land in Geneva and go running to the shops straight away. BH had a sudden epiphany about the foresight I was demonstrating in doing this and he thanked me. I felt relieved. I always defer decisions that involve the spending of money to him, even if I am certain of the necessity of something being spent on. So it always comes as a huge relief whenever I find he approves of something I have been planning on. We ended up getting clothes for BH and me as well. Building appropriate wardrobes for different countries and climates is so expensive and time consuming! And you must always be careful not to fall for something that is current but not classic because you want to get the maximum wear out of it. I now have a mish-mash of a Pakistani wardrobe, a whole collection of summer Western wear and find myself having to spend on a decent Western winter wardrobe. Complete with appropriate accessories as well. I hate being wasteful which means I agonise over every item I buy….ridiculous.

Time for some shuteye now before a final day of packing begins bright and early tomorrow morning.

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One Response to Last days in Dubai

  1. Sara says:

    Memories…. We are soo blessed MSA.

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