Breakfast at the Kempinsky

Breakfast on the terrace of the Grand Hotel Kempinsky in Geneve! Beautiful, sunny day, grape vines entwined along the length of the balustrade with huge bunches of fruit ripening in the sun. The Geneva fountain shooting into the sky before us, elegant people (well, mostly) with some ladies dressed in very pretty, white lace tops and dresses. Fresh orange juice, croissants and tea. Perfect.

And some very cheeky sparrows! They kept flying in and out of the restaurant, perching themselves fatly on the bread baskets, feathers puffed out, beaks dug into their chests. The children were petrified as usual. We had a menagerie of wild life freely joining us fro breakfast it seemed as Mac soon discovered a wasp and Myna swore she saw a fly touching the edge of the croissant she held in her hand! One sparrow flew straight towards my forehead barely missing me as it decided to lift itself millimetres above my head at the last moment. I had a vision of it smiling an evil smile and evacuating its anal orifice into my plate for kicks.

It didn’t.

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