House-hunting in Geneva

We went looking for a house today. Geneva is beauuuutiful! We all fell in love with the second house we saw. The living room had two massive windows on opposite sides of the room. Through one you had a view of the pool and garden surrounded with huge summer blooms. The other one had a view of the countryside behind the house, reminiscent of the fields behind our house in Brussels. Bales of hay stood on the fields which were a lovely mustard hue. Very Tess of the D’Urbervilles. The owner had beautiful furniture, tasteful paintings, hundreds of books and even a piano! But the house was *massive*. I felt clueless when we reached the sauna in the basement, adjacent to a fully equipped, completely independent guest apartment. Finally it became quite apparent that the house may be just a little too huge for us. I still haven’t quite got over the views of the fields from the living room or the beautiful shiny kitchen and huge, high-ceilinged entrance hall though.

The sixth house we saw today (!) was a complete surprise as well. Another swimming pool first of all, with a cover this time (instead of a fence). And all on one floor, though there was a sizeable basement. It was the kind of straight-lined, simple house people fancy nowadays, glass walls, skylights, a tree growing in the middle of the house with glass walls around it, lots of wood….I’ve always fantasized about living in such a house. But today, given the chance, I managed to find things to have reservations about: will our furniture be too ornate for this house? Will I have enough privacy in this house, given the sheer number of glass walls and windows? The neighbourhood is not quite as scenic and artistic as the other one, which was in fact not a ‘neighbourhood’ at all! That one made you think of Hardy and Van Gogh. This one is considerably more prosaic with even two cranes looming on the horizon as you make your way out of the street. I imagine that is because it is a new neighbourhood with many houses still coming up. I’ve asked BH to place an offer. Let’s see how it goes from here.

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